My name is Emily Patrick. I grew up and currently live in Utah. Not the fun, quirky part; the part where people live amongst the cows and wear cowboy hats unironically.

My mother learned to knit from her grandmother when she was really young. The only reason she didn't graduate to crochet is because her grandmother thought she was hopeless. When my mother taught me to knit, she only taught me the knit stitch. I think she tried to teach me to pearl as well, but I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. I was way better at loom knitting anyway.

I eventually returned to knitting when I was about 15 and sought help from the internet to learn the basics. I knitted my first beard hat only two years later for one of my seminary teachers. The second one I made for another seminary teacher who advised me to learn how to charge people for my work.

After that, I mostly knitted hats for friends and teachers (who were also my friends because I thought they were cool). I made my first fish hat for a friend named Kyle. I chose the fish hat because the funkiness of it reminded me of Kyle's eccentric personality.

My senior year of high school, I knitted my first Harry Potter style scarf and took a break from knitting for a little while after graduating from high school and starting college.

In November I met my future husband and started to make a hat that looked like a helmet from Lord of The Rings. I finished the hat and we started dating. It was that October that I opened my Etsy page "Kneards" and amalgamation of the words 'knitted' and 'beard' because I had gained a reputation for being someone who made beard hats.

Since then, I've made beard hats, fish hats, and have even done some custom helmet hats from pictures that people send me. I've learned a lot about knitting along the way and developed my own style and system.

I believe that with a little hard work and a lot of unraveling, I can make anything someone asks me to, whether it's for a cat, a dog, or a human, I can fulfill all of your knitting kneeds.